Listen to the Drum

Hello !

‘Listen to the’ is a website we set up to journal some of our significant travels and experiences. It was born quite hastily back in 2008 – two weeks prior to an expedition through France and Spain, simply as a means of letting friends and family share in our journey.

We know, of course, that not everyone is interested in reading about our holidays (or any other subject we feel the need to document here). If nothing else, these web pages form a useful personal record and enable us to re-live some memorable times. For that reason alone we think it is worth the effort.

The site lay dormant for many years but was recently revamped with a new platform and content management system in early 2017, prompted by our week-long visit to Malta. Many archived posts are still to be re-added over the coming months (so some links may show empty for now).

Main Sections:

The Our Travel Journal section provides a chronological record of our travels and encounters – but will develop to contain those things we consider worthy of note, or just a rant or musing as the mood takes us – such posts are often filed under ‘Miscellaneous’..

The Photo Album is a collection of photos of the places and people that we encounter on our journey and is referenced from the Journal as appropriate.


We all have a story to share and this site provides just a few of the lines from ours. Thanks for stopping by – and welcome along! We do hope that you enjoy reading about our adventures.


“Reading is the sole means by which we slip, involuntarily, often helplessly, into another’s skin, another’s voice, another’s soul.”

– Joyce Carol Oates